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The pharmaceutical company AC HELCOR develops pharmaceutical activities in the private system in Romania, Baia Mare. The production of medicines, tablets and capsules, extended with the production of vitamins, natural supplements represent the core business of the company. With extensive experience over its 25 years of existence, AC HELCOR Group is a recognized between the medical and pharmaceutical professionals as a manufacturer of prescription drugs and OTC.

Investments in advanced production technology and laboratory have enabled the establishment of modern quality control activities such as applied research and development activities, which resulted in reliable and safe HELCOR AC products.

With each product, we try to fulfill a the assumed belief to put ourselves at the service of people and contribute to a better and healthier life. Our mission is to provide millions of people with safe, effective and affordable medicines.

Mission and vision

Our vision is to continue to be a pillar in the production of medicines and health products in Romania, capable and stable at national and international level, as an important and continuous investor in the research, development and production of medicines, all for the good of people’s health.


Our mission is that through our strength, knowledge, diligence and professional excellence, to provide millions of people with safe, modern, effective and affordable medications.

AC HELCOR portfolio has over 110 products, including 60 generic drugs covering nine therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, anti-rheumatic, anti-infectious, chemotherapy, anti-allergic, digestive, neurological. The company launched in 2004 Food Supplements Division AC HELCOR – BioSunLine® that provide over 50 supplements and vitamins, mostly first Romanian production.

Investments in advanced production technology and laboratory have allowed the establishment of modern quality control and the development of applied research activity, leading to reliable and safe products.


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25 years of romanian innovation for health

Food Supplements and Vitamins Division AC HELCOR – BioSunLine

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AC HELCOR - Sediu central

AC HELCOR – Sediu central
Str. Victor Babes nr. 50
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Agentia Sibiu

Agentia Sibiu
Calea Turnișorului 32, Sibiu, România
0269 / 211 635

Reprezentanta Bucuresti

Reprezentanta Bucuresti
Sos Unirii 63 B, sat Petresti, com Corbeanca, jud. Ilfov
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Agentia Iasi
Sos. Pacurari Nr. 70 Bl. 550 Sc. C
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