The AC HELCOR team is dedicated to the company’s mission of providing people with new, safe and effective healthcare solutions: medicines, vitamins, food supplements through innovation and control.

The organizational structure is flexible to ensure decisional and operational flow.

Values ​​and Ethics

Being dedicated to excellence, we fulfill our mission with elite professional and behavioral leaders guided by the values ​​promoted by the company.

We are convinced that our success depends on the talent and performance of dedicated employees. We believe in the idea that these values ​​bring professional satisfaction and pride to working in a successful company in an innovative, ethical and competitive working environment.

We promote these ideas to be known to those who work in our company in order to apply them in their everyday work and become the keepers of the company’s values.

That is why we offer each of them the opportunity to capitalize on their professional knowledge, to gain confidence in their personality and to make them feel accomplished in life and profession.

Highly qualified employees

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